Dr. Somerville is available for presentations, workshops, and consulting.


  • Ten Factors Affecting Community College Capacity for Meaningful Learning Assessment. Learn of the ten institutional characteristics and of faculty and administrator responsibilities for meaningful learning assessment.
  • Seven Elements for Making Effective Group Decisions. Learn how to guide groups toward informed and effective decisions. This skill can be very useful in designing curriculum and establishing meaningful learning assessment processes, particularly at the program level.
  • Curriculum Design with the End in Mind. Learn to efficiently and effectively construct courses and design programs.


These are learning activities to increase faculty and administrator understanding and skill for developing meaningful assessment processes, constructing quality curriculum, identifying intended learning outcomes, designing or selecting appropriate assessment instruments, and using assessment results.

College Characteristics for Meaningful Learning Assessment (CCMLA) Inventory

Learn to administer the CCMLA to college personnel. From the results campus leaders will be able to determine the progress their college is making in establishing a meaningful learning assessment process .

Consulting/Coaching, one on one

Individual coaching sessions on learning outcomes, learning assessment or curriculum design.

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